Subtitles & captions are great



Don’t miss out on excellence

There are many great films made in non-English speaking countries, including some of the best. My personal favorite is La vita è bella. If we didn’t have subtitles readily available for these expert films, we would be robbing ourselves of great experiences.

The deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy the greatness of films

Films with captions guarantee equal opportunities to people with disabilities and they give everyone equal access to enjoy all the great content that is produced around the world.

Employment opportunities are created

Automated subtitling and closed captioning is by no means good enough yet. If you speak more than one language, you’ll agree that computer translation just isn’t quite here. Professional subtitlers and captioners are high in demand. This demand for quality captioning and subtitling has created employment opportunities around the world, for freelancers and in-house captioners.

Subtitles are great for learning languages

Subtitles is a fun way to develop your language skills. You get to watch whatever it is you’re interested in, and learn at the same time! When you watch subtitles, you are exposed to two languages at once, whether it is in the language you are learning or in a language you already speak. Being able to hear spoken English really helps with pronunciation and listening comprehension. Having subtitles in the language you are learning can be very beneficial, not only for learning the language but also to learn the culture of the language spoken, which is super important.





2 thoughts on “Subtitles & captions are great

  1. I have been doing transcription for the past 3 years and I have loved it, though I have a different job now but I am still willing to continue with transcription, translation, and try subtitling and caption. I am not aware about any opportunities in South Africa though, what’s the best strategy to market me skills??
    please advice


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