7 Tips: What to remember when captioning…



  • Whatever project you are working on, know your target language.
  • If you are working with a target language that isn’t your native language, get hold of language guidelines.
  • Remember to read all target languages specs, and apply all the requirements regarding format and style.
  • Know what the purpose of your work is. Is it going to be used for translation into multiple languages (i.e: it is a template) or will it be delivered to the client directly.
  • Pay special attention to: Character limitation, Continuity, Dual Speakers, Forced Narratives, Italics, Punctuation, Quotes, and Reading Speed.
  • Find out if there are trailers, synopsis or forced narrative files for reference or do they need to be created?
  • If a separate forced narrative file is needed, can it just be extracted from the general subtitling file or does your client want all on-screens (including the ones that coincide with dialogue)?

I hope that you find these tips useful and that they will help you maximize efficiency.

Best wishes

Kelly O’Donovan

GOSUB – An education in the art of subtitling



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