The need for subtitlers and captioners

The growth of the film industry and the mind boggling amount of content made every day has resulted in an increased need for making content accessible to viewers around the world. The accessibility of the content is made available both to speakers of different languages as well as to people with disabilities.

The need for multiple, localized versions of TV and film content has greatly impacted the audiovisual industry which is experiencing an ever-increasing demand for audiovisual translation and closed captioning services. And this is growing at a rapid pace.

According to YouTube statistics, there were more than one billion YouTube users as of 2014. Netflix has 34 million international subscribers.

What does this mean for the audiovisual translation industry?

We need to have more quality subtitlers and captioners available to carry out all the work, now and in the future.

GOSUB’s short Subtitling and Closed Captioning courses will give you an opportunity to subtitle and caption the best in entertainment. Learn everything you need to know about subtitling and captioning and become an integral part of this wonderful industry.

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